Submitting an Op-ed/Letter

Op-ed policy


The Texan welcomes op-ed submissions from members of the UT community (including alumni and former faculty and staff). While politician-written submissions will not be entertained, contributions from non-politicians unaffiliated with the University will, on a very limited basis, be considered for publication.




1) Keep submissions under 500 words.

2) Tie your submission back to the UT community. If you're writing about a non-local issue, tell us why a Longhorn should care. Be as specific as possible.

3) Provide links for all your factual claims.

4) Submit along with your written contribution a phone number where you can be easily reached.

5) Include at the bottom of your submission a tag line in the following style:

- Students: [Last name] is a(n) [major][classification] from [hometown].

- Staff/faculty: [Last name] is a(n) [field][level of employment].

- Other: simply be as specific as possible about why you are qualified to write this piece.


Op-eds should be sent to, where they will be reviewed within 72 hours of submission.


Letters policy


The Texan welcomes letters in response to anything we publish. But as letters, they must specifically reference something that has appeared in our pages or on the website and do so succinctly. They are not a space for readers to wax poetic on their current state of mind, nor does the 300-word limit comfortably accommodate that. Letters making factual claims contrary to an article must include links for each assertion. Letter writers should also follow steps 4 and 5 above and send their submissions to, where they will be reviewed within 72 hours.