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SAO PAULO — Want to make your ex-girlfriend jealous? Need to show your friends you are in a serious relationship when you aren’t? A Brazilian website says it has the answer: fake girlfriends. says that for 40 reals ($20) it will create a fake girlfriend and post her profile on Facebook within a week.

Without revealing numbers, the website says it has “a lot” of male clients who use its services to make former girlfriends jealous and show them they are dating again.

It says “all profiles are fictitious and not based on real people.”

SAO PAULO — Sao Paulo’s 2,000 gas stations are rapidly running out of fuel as a strike by truck drivers who haul gas in South America’s largest city entered a second day Tuesday, according to business representatives.

Truckers are protesting the city government’s attempt to restrict where big trucks can drive in a metropolis infamous for streets that are congested at all hours.

Local media reported drivers were forming lines at some gas stations, but in central Sao Paulo there were none to be seen: it appeared most stations had run out of gas so there was nothing to line up for.

The vice president of the Sao Paulo Truck Drivers Union said all 800 of the city’s tanker truck drivers joined the strike.