• The Kooks

    The Kooks are a British rock band consisting of Luke Pritchard on vocals/guitar Hugh Harris on lead guitar, Alexis Nunez on drums, and Peter Denton on bass guitar. The indie rock band performed at Emo's Austin on Tuesday evening.

    Joshua Guerra | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.29.15

    Solomon and Francisco, harvesters at Johnson’s Backyard Garden, pick onions Tuesday afternoon. The farm offers a CSA program that delivers fresh produce to subscribers.

    Graeme Hamilton | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.27.15

    Deborah Stevens dances in a drum circle at Eeyore's Birthday Party in Pease Park on Saturday. This year marked the 52nd anniversary of the festival.

    Charlotte Carpenter | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.24.15

    Undeclared freshman Kenzie Harrison takes care of a rabbit as part of Chi Kappa Phi service society’s Pet-a-Bunny Day on the SAC lawn Thursday afternoon. For the second year in a row, KPhi partnered with local animal shelter House Rabbit Resource Network to give students a chance to relax and socialize with bunnies.

    Michael Baez | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.23.15

    After a performance in front of the Tower, French exchange student Valentin Guérin lets graduate student Li Kuang, a member of the UT Trombone Octet, try the pyro-trombone, which Guérin designed. The octet performed the piece “Bolivar” by composer Eric Cook, and Nathaniel Brickens conducted the piece.

    Marshall Tidrick | Daily Texan Staff