• SNL in Review: Christoph Waltz

    Christoph Waltz of "Inglorious Basterds" and "Django Unchained" fame was the host of last night’s "Saturday Night Live." He is also the subject of this incredible Buzzfeed post: http://www.buzzfeed.com/louispeitzman/young-christoph-waltz-was-ridiculously-hot.

    Just like last week’s host Justin Bieber, Waltz proved that you don’t really have to be funny to host "SNL." He had a few shining moments but for the most part played second fiddle to the rest of the cast.

    The night’s highlights are as follows:

    • -The Pope’s retirement ad — Nothing is funnier than making jokes about the Pope’s hats.
    • -Djesus Unchained — This movie trailer is so ridiculous, yet so Tarantino it might as well be real.
    • -Jamarcus Brothers CD —Waltz plays Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah’s “adopted white virgin” brother in this cheesy R&B CD infomercial. Even Thompson couldn’t keep a straight face as Waltz awkwardly shouts “Heck yes!” over his greasy tracks about booty.
    • Regine — Fred Armisen cross dresses as Waltz’s cigarette-smoking, socio-political, legs-splaying girlfriend Regine. This sketch totally relied on Armisen’s over-the-top absurdity for laughs but was funny nonetheless.
    • -Alabama Shakes: “Always Alright” — Alabama Shakes delivered one of the most powerful musical performances of the current season. Brittany Howard is a
    • wailing vocal powerhouse whose voice is from another era. All I can say is damn, girl.