Don't leave anything to chance when it comes to your car


When the police say hide, lock and take, they mean hide, lock and take. West Campus saw 47 car burglaries from the end of March to the end of April. Like APD Officer William Harvey said, these burglaries are a crime of opportunity.  

Several months ago, my vehicle was stolen from my apartment complex's garage overnight when my keys were left in the driver's seat after a miscommunication with my roommate. Car thieves are constantly out and constantly vigilant. There are no "free passes" or safety from burglars, even when your car is in a garage.  

A lot of the West Campus apartment complex garages are easily accessed by non-residents, meaning the illusion of safety parking in one is just that, an illusion. 

Why leave your expensive camera or brand new laptop in your car at all? Cars are very "public access" possessions. Anyone can look in and see what you have. 

The best advice is to keep absolutely nothing in your car, besides maybe a CD collection in your console. Sure, there is always the risk of a thief breaking your window to snoop around, but this chance is reduced if nothing is visible at all.  

Having your car burglarized sucks. You never really "know" about something until it happens to you, but believe me — you don't want this to happen to you.

Bounds is an associate editor.