Repeal of Dream Act would unfairly harm those who live in Texas


Senate Bill 1819 is a bill proposed by Sen. Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels, in the Texas Senate this session. Its passage would effectively repeal 2001's almost unanimously supported HB 1403, otherwise known as the Dream Act. 

The Dream Act essentially allows undocumented students to take advantage of in-state tuition at in-state public universities if they meet a list of requirements, including having lived in Texas for longer than three years and graduating from a Texas public high school.  

If SB 1819 passes, these students would have to pay much higher fees in order to attend college in Texas. If anything, this will only further the problem of undocumented citizens struggling to get by.  

Education is a powerful resource. A degree is an invaluable achievement and can lead to economic success and stability. Texas should allow these students to take advantage of lower tuition prices given to those who reside in Texas because they DO live in Texas and qualify for the Dream Act based on its requirements. With a repeal, families without the financial ability to send their children to school will be scared to do so and economic struggle will continue.  

I do not think the Dream Act should be repealed. Let these students and their families who live in-state pay in-state tuition. It will be better in the long run. 

Bounds is an associate editor.