Guzman-Wolf seeks to Represent All Longhorns Like You


Photo Credit: Gabriel Lopez | Daily Texan Staff

To us, the acronym for RALLY is Student Government’s most important function and something we must be better at both in the conversations we have and the work we do. Often, the student body president and vice president are the only students that administrators speak with before making decisions, and it’s important that those people represent as many pockets of campus as possible. No other executive alliance holds the diversity of experiences and communities of friends that we do, and we will make sure those voices are represented in our conversations.

 Rally means to come together for common action, and in terms of the work we do, we’ve already shown a dedication to collaboration with student leaders. We have worked with Voices Against Violence on how to address interpersonal violence, The Project director to create a more service-oriented culture, and the SURE Walk director to ensure student safety. We will continue this practice in office.

Whether it’s tirelessly working in the Multicultural Engagement Center alongside student advocates to fight for the rights of marginalized groups on campus, or empowering women and giving back to the UT community through Orange Jackets, I, presidential candidate Alejandrina Guzman, have centered my life on serving others first. No other candidate has been as consistently and wholeheartedly dedicated to serving underrepresented communities that have not always felt at home on the 40 Acres. Around campus, many people know me as the woman zooming around, smiling and laughing, but as a differently-abled  student, there are more obstacles I have to navigate. While UT has opened doors to opportunities, it has also presented many physical doors and resources closed off to me and other differently-abled students. I have worked to get our voices heard by working as director of the SG Disabilities and Inclusion Agency. We are the only team making accessibility a priority on our platform, and my personal experiences will help administrators understand its importance. In co-founding initiatives like Texas for Expanding Opportunity, Texas Leaders Department, and the SG Improve UT Challenge, I, vice-presidential candidate Micky Wolf, have been dedicated to serving Austin, connecting student leaders and amplifying student ideas. In leading these organizations to this day, I have shown the creativity and follow-through to tangibly solve problems on campus and in Austin.

Students across the University of Texas campus rally for so many inspiring reasons. Whether it’s Camp Kesem counselors giving a magical week to kids whose parents have cancer, Multicultural Engagement Center officers working toward a more inclusive campus, or Students for Texas Athletics fostering greater Longhorn spirit and pride, the diversity of causes for which our peers rally empowers us. In our time at UT, we’ve been lucky enough to meet many Longhorns working hard to improve the student experience and make us feel like what we have to say on this campus should and does matter. Our extensive involvement has shown us firsthand how many different communities there are to represent and connect on and off the 40 Acres. We strive to give this type of experience to all Longhorns, and help you find your home base and passion on this campus.

Together, we are an endlessly optimistic, fun-loving duo uniquely qualified to bridge campus communities, empower the 40 Acres and expand student use of SG resources. We deeply believe in SG’s potential to enact change on campus, and we will work tirelessly to help you gain confidence in the ability of SG to Represent All Longhorns Like You.

 Guzman is a government and Mexican-American studies senior from Azle. Wolf is a Plan II and business honors junior from San Antonio.